SUPPLEMENTAL ARBITRATION FACTS AND CLAIMS ON BEHALF OF WALTER ELLIS RE: Walter Ellis v. Central Refrigerated et al. (Case No. 77-20-1300-0139)

Central Refrigerated Service, Inc.

This lawsuit and the resulting cases in arbitration are brought on behalf of truckers who lease trucks from Central Leasing, Inc. (CLI) and are treated as “owner operators” by Central Refrigerated Service, Inc. (CRS). The drivers claim that 1) Central misclassified them as “independent contractors” and then made unlawful deductions from their wages, 2) misrepresented the amount they would make as owner operators, and 3) engaged in a scheme of “forced labor” coercing them to driving for Central even though it was unprofitable, under threat they would be liable for excessive charges and be subject to a negative DAC report if they tried to leave.

If you are or were an Owner Operator for Central at any point in the last six years and you wish to bring an individual claim for arbitration for misrepresentation by Central in terms of the earnings you would receive as an owner operator, or for unlawful deductions from your pay for the truck lease, gas, insurance, tolls, maintenance, bonds, etc., or if you were an Owner Operator within the last ten years and you wish to bring an individual arbitration to address Central’s “forced labor,” please contact Getman Sweeney and ask to speak with one of the paralegals handling the Central Refrigerated cases.

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