About Me

My name is Walter Ellis, an AFRICAN AMERICAN who believe and can confirm that most AFRICAN AMERICANS cannot receive justice especially in San Bernardino and Riverside, the most racist judicial system in CALIFORNIA. My most recent encounter with “Justice for White’s” began when I was injured 1/13/2009, fired, denied medical treatment, denied protection from the RACIST Fontana PD, denied Workman Compensation by Judge Chris Willmon all who appear to be in bed with SCHNEIDER NATIONAL CARRIERS, INC., (SNI), www.truckerscomplaint.com walter-ellis.blogspot.com schneiderdotviolations.blogspot.com

I am the founder of United Affirmative Action Development Corp. www.uaad.org a 501C3 non-profit whose mission is to negotiate with BANKS to form CRA agreements to make financial parity possible for low-moderate income individuals, minorities, in particular, see: www.uaad.org Other missions are to improve the plight of our nation truckers.

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