May 25, 2017
June 1, 2017

Justice For Blacks


My name is Walter Ellis, an AFRICAN AMERICAN who believe and can confirm that most AFRICAN AMERICANS cannot receive justice especially in San Bernardino and Riverside, the most racist judicial system in CALIFORNIA.

My most recent encounter  with “Justice for White’s” began when I was injured 1/13/2009, fired, denied medical treatment, denied protection from the RACIST Fontana PD, denied Workman Compensation by Judge Chris Willmon  all who appear to be in bed with SCHNEIDER NATIONAL CARRIERS, INC., (SNI), / /

Would you believe that Judge John Pacheco would deny me due process?

By trying my case after I had filed a timely 170.6 against him hearing my case.
After which he forced me to a telephonic hearing where he held said hearing for 34 min prior to swearing me in properly, see court transcript.
This same Judge allowed the Plaintiff’s Attorney (SCHNEIDER NATIONAL CARRIERS, Inc.)
SNI’s Attorney Lala Kahramanian,  who swore as an Officer of the Court twice, on 8/22/2013 and 8/30/2013, committed perjury when she stated that she did not receive the following e-mail I had sent to her and David Binder:

From Walter Ellis uedcinc@aol.comhide details
To lalak
Cc dbinder

Walter Ellis    951 805-1156

Attorney Lala Kahramanian also stated in court that I was lying and there was no Workers Compensation claim that I had filed against SCHNEIDER.


Claim # WC648-420112 which is mentioned throughout these proceedings that Lala should be aware, indicates how Schneider and this court make it appear that there was no injury, therefore another apparent false statement and possible perjury on the part of Lala.


When Attorney Lala asked the Judge what was the significance of her statements, whether true or not, Judge Pacheco said it related to her credibility, see SCHNEIDER v Ellis court transcript 8/30/2013 case #CIVDS-906 308.


The following statements were taken from the transcript of the telephone hearing NOVEMBER 3, 2010 re the Contempt of Court charge.


  1. BINDER: Walter, can you admit that on September 4, 2010 you sent an e-mailentitled State of California court system is pro-white and anti-black?


THE DEFENDANT: I refuse to answer because I don’t know what the significanceof it is. Because any answer I may give may incriminate me.


I ask that the SAN BERNARDINO DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE file charges on my behalf and citizens of the State of California of perjury for making malicious false statements in order that this Judge would find me guilty of CONTEMPT.  See:


I ask that Judge John M. Pacheco remove himself from this case pending an investigation by the DA’s Office regarding this and other grievous violations denying my Civil and Human Rights.

Walter Ellis    951 805-1156

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